Ethiopia Restaurant's healthy and tasty Vegetarian Lunch Buffet (Monday-to-Friday) has a wide variety of authentic Ethiopian dishes, which are prepared with the finest imported spices. For those who enjoy beef, lamb or poultry try some of our delicious menu items.
Exotic spice blends, enticing sauces, "we't" and a highly nutritious flatbread, "injera", are the basis for Ethiopia's unique and delicious cuisine. In traditional settings, diners prepare for a meal by first washing their hands. They then sit around a large plate sent on "mesob", a colorfully woven basket table. Each dish is spooned onto injera which covers the bottom of the large plate. A separate plate of injera is served, as well. Injera is torn into pieces and then used to pickup morsels of food. A piece of injera is placed between the fingers, clasped together and used to pick up food and place it into one's mouth or a guest's